About Fit and Fed

 So, of all the careers, of all the things I could teach, why health and wellness?

Like most people, I have struggled with weight, energy, stress, and self-image most of my life. After pregnancy in my twenties and through my forties, I did what most do: try a diet, lose some weight, gain some back, feel defeated and give up; try another diet, buy a treadmill, lose some weight, plateau, get frustrated, turn the treadmill into a coat rack; get an app, take before pictures, really commit this time, lose weight, gain it back, give up. I had finally given up and decided to love myself just the way I am. I cut sodas and most sugary snacks and tried to walk a little most days. I gave up on trying to lose weight and just tried to be a little more healthy.


     Then, at the age of 43, in an attempt to alleviate psoriasis that developed in my thirties,  a very dear friend game me some information about dietary triggers for inflammatory and auto-immune diseases (more about this in my blog). This began a new journey that would change my life, help me accomplish what I spent 20 years trying to do and led to my feeling healthier and happier than I thought possible. (Seriously, see my blog. I was so much sicker than I thought.) My goal is to help others experience the same.

      I hope to provide a unique experience. Maybe you have tried a dieting app (or two ...or ten) or a gym membership that you swore you would actually use, and totally did... for about two weeks. You’ve done the calories in, calories out. You’ve spent hours on a treadmill, jogging nowhere, surrounded by the clunking of weights, people grunting with effort, and terrible television on screens everywhere. And if you’re like me, you hated it. 


     The more I focused on calories, the more I thought about food and the hungrier I felt. Learning I would have to run on a treadmill for an hour to burn off one cupcake felt so defeating. 


     I hated gyms. I was self conscious, didn’t know how any of the machines worked, and found myself dying of boredom.      

     With me, you will see how simple a workout program can be and that it can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment. With me, you will never have to count calories. I don’t care what your scale says. How do you feel? I don’t care what your BMI is. How are you functioning in your life? 


     Will you lose weight? Yes. But that is the least of our concerns. You will feel good after your meals. You will sleep better. Your mood will improve. Your mental clarity will improve. You will be less susceptible to illness. You will be stronger, calmer, more content, and more at peace. 


     Together we will find the ease/challenge/results sweet spot. I will learn about you, your concerns, your goals, your daily habits, your social dynamics, your values and struggles so that I can create a fitness and nutrition program that is practical, functional, and tailor made for you. We will track your progress, what’s working, what’s not, and revise your program as needed to keep you successful, motivated, and working toward not only short and long term goals but also lifestyle habits that will stick. This isn’t a quick fix, lose weight, diet and exercise program. This is an approach to your whole health; strength, digestion, energy, ailments; both physical and mental -- for your whole life. Whole health for your whole life.  

If my experience resonates with you, contact me for a free consultation.


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